Tilmann Dehnhard

"As an Altus artist, I have been on friendly terms with Azumi for many years. I am happy to recommend Azumi flutes to my students because they are consistently first-class instruments that are a joy to play."

Tilmann Dehnhard studied Flute and Saxophone at Universität der Künste Berlin, where he still lives working as freelance musician and composer. Next to his own musical formations he has performed with stars like Sam Rivers, Till Brönner, Robbie Williams und Cindy Lauper. His performance starts with an almost unnoticed pulse, rhythm or endless drone. It chirps and grooves – white noise.


The audience is captured and the unexpected happens: where does this second melody originate from? Flutistic ventriloquy: He simultaneously sings and plays, his endless breath causing dizziness in the audience. In his solo improvisations, Tilmann Dehnhard creates small universes telling tales of breath and breathlessness, which float and and elevate. Can it really be just one man? It can. A bizarre One-Man-Orchestra, the Berlin based musician and his flute.