Azumi presents an instrument infused with the essence of the Altus DNA, cherished by the most accomplished flutists worldwide. With its impeccable harmonic balance and thoughtfully calibrated scale, embark on a delightful flute journey that will fill your life with joy.

— 田中修一 Shuichi Tanaka

Founder and Chief Designer of Altus Flutes and Azumi Flutes


History & Story

The story of Azumi flutes began in the autumn of 2002, beneath the blushing red maple leaves of Azumino, Japan. This location, significant in flute lore as the home of Altus since inception, lends not only its name to Azumi, but also its long-standing traditions.

With the Azumi logo illuminating the very splendor and beauty of Azumino, depicting majestic mountains reflected in calming waters, the close connection between Azumi and Altus begins to unfold. The very shape of these mountain peaks suggests the twin letter A’s that announce the arrival of these brands.

The harmony between Altus and Azumi ensures a shared elegance that is bound to inspire, through a legacy of exquisite balance between technological advancement and traditional handmade craftsmanship. The red leaves of the Azumino maples in the fall remain constant as a reflection of the passion, love, and joy that Azumi flutes bring to musicians around the world.